Then vs Now

They didn’t smile at everyone around,
A smile then was taken as an invitation.

They wouldn’t say sorry for nothing,
Here they’re sorry even when they don’t know what you want.

It was easy for them to get angry at anything,
Here, they’re just politely rude.

Emotions were high all round back then,
Now it’s all so subtle and succinct.

The colors there were more beige and brown,
The pastels more plain,
The hues more soft.
Here it’s all green, yellow and red,
The shades more bright
The tones more deep.

They taught us all about jeans back then,
Here they train you in stockings and shorts.

They hovered around anyone’s meal,
Here eating is a somber task.

They clung on to anyone they saw,
Here they make contact to forget.

The morning there started with a hug,
A heart felt smile, a glint in the eye.
Eyes here open to a reflection of the walls and a mirror that erises no one.

The day there finished before it started,
The one here engulfs all the time.

The thoughts there were more simple and relaxed, limited to the petty sorrows of life.
The ones here are more about the bigger picture in life, the better good, the larger tomorrow.


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