Love cause I want to, not cause I have to

Reading the updates of people in my network enables me to identify the “emptiness” in their lives.

Girls who are engaged to get married are writing solemn quotes hoping that their fiancee will read them and transform into their Knight in shining Armour.

Boys who are engaged are busy with their sophisticated and coded “boy-talk” in order to hide their true colors from their fiancee while his friends are gleefully commenting upon how phenomenally “blessed” is his fiancee.

Girls who are married are going crazy over pictures of their honeymoon and their “perfect” life together. While actually all they want is one “like” or “comment” from their husbands.

Boys who are married are covering their walls with “all boys times” or “office screw ups” and somewhere in between make an odd comment on their state of mind which is only “liked” by their beautiful wife!

Girls who are single are spending their lifetime on capturing their emotions within words or via songs and discussing their vacuum publicly while making sarcastic remarks on the dearth of “good men”.

Boys who are single are so shy to accept their emptiness socially that they are happy discussing even the length and breadth of Vicky’s “donor” just the evade this discussion completely.

In all of this, there are some married/to-be-married couples who resonate the happiness equivocally and give me hope.

Relationships are to be shared. A man-woman relationship is about completion and fulfillment. It’s about acceptance.

I want to “bear” my man not cause I have to, but cause I Want To.

PS. The above mentioned views are based on “my” observations of 902 “friends” in my network.


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