That night….

She slept that night with the Santa by her side;
She slept that night ‘cause she knew god would take care of her;
She slept that night unaware of what awaited at dawn;
She slept that night- oh! That eventful night.

The birds chirped as dawn approached
While the clouds gave way to the bright sunshine.
And suddenly she woke up- on water 20 feet high!
She cried ‘mother’, no answer,
She cried ‘sister’, no answer,
She cried ‘god’…
And far away she saw light;
She tried to follow but drowned.
She then came up with a force unknown;
And before she knew, she was gliding above;
Gliding as she had never done before.

She walked gently through the doors struck by a glow
And as she looked down she saw-
Bodies floating and people crying.
Amidst all the cacophony she noticed the local church,
It stood still as ever before.
Struck by reality she searched for her family but to no avail.
She looked at god earnestly but he chose to merely smile.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice and spurned around
And saw her baby sister tugging at her mother’s hand.
She couldn’t help but smile as she realized- ‘no one is immortal’
The night approached and she slept again
With the Santa still by her side.
Just then a baby cried: born to a mother who had lost all
And this time she never slept at all………


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