Every penny makes a difference

The clear blue sky, the calm ocean,
the golden sand, the bright sunshine,
It all symbolized Christmas time
And everybody was on cloud nine.

One was building a castle in the air
while another was tugging at his mother’s hair.
One fancied a tiny ping pong;
while the other preferred to sing a song.
The beach seemed like an ideal playground
and god up there just watched astound.

Just as dusk decided to set in
they packed there bags to move in.
The festive mood still prevailed
as they slept heavily curtailed.

Then came dawn
and they woke up with a yawn.
Memories of last night were still afresh
even with the one covered by the wire mesh.

And then…… came the waves

To shatter the castle that once stood still,
to kill the mother against her will.
The ping-pong now floated awhile
while the song never reached its style.
The beach was now a deathbed
and god up there still watched instead.

The school they loved was now no more
nor was the house to shelter all the more
The beach was now a sodden land
and buried in the middle was a small hand.

A young one cried at his loss
seeing his mother covered with wet moss.
One was frantic for air
while the other went mad with entangled hair.

The dusk decided to set in again
but now they packed no bags in vain
The mood was all for the sake
as they tried hard to stay awake.

Days passed and nights went by
while they tried to hold on to their lie.
Unable to believe all was over
they stared at their broken land rover.

Their buildings have now been reconstructed
and their houses duly mended
but what remains uncovered,
Is their soul untended;
As their wait for arms remains unended……….

(Do we still need a reason to donate?)


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