Every penny makes a difference

The clear blue sky, the calm ocean,
the golden sand, the bright sunshine,
It all symbolized Christmas time
And everybody was on cloud nine.

One was building a castle in the air
while another was tugging at his mother’s hair.
One fancied a tiny ping pong;
while the other preferred to sing a song.
The beach seemed like an ideal playground
and god up there just watched astound.

Just as dusk decided to set in
they packed there bags to move in.
The festive mood still prevailed
as they slept heavily curtailed.

Then came dawn
and they woke up with a yawn.
Memories of last night were still afresh
even with the one covered by the wire mesh.

And then…… came the waves

To shatter the castle that once stood still,
to kill the mother against her will.
The ping-pong now floated awhile
while the song never reached its style.
The beach was now a deathbed
and god up there still watched instead.

The school they loved was now no more
nor was the house to shelter all the more
The beach was now a sodden land
and buried in the middle was a small hand.

A young one cried at his loss
seeing his mother covered with wet moss.
One was frantic for air
while the other went mad with entangled hair.

The dusk decided to set in again
but now they packed no bags in vain
The mood was all for the sake
as they tried hard to stay awake.

Days passed and nights went by
while they tried to hold on to their lie.
Unable to believe all was over
they stared at their broken land rover.

Their buildings have now been reconstructed
and their houses duly mended
but what remains uncovered,
Is their soul untended;
As their wait for arms remains unended……….

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That night….

She slept that night with the Santa by her side;
She slept that night ‘cause she knew god would take care of her;
She slept that night unaware of what awaited at dawn;
She slept that night- oh! That eventful night.

The birds chirped as dawn approached
While the clouds gave way to the bright sunshine.
And suddenly she woke up- on water 20 feet high!
She cried ‘mother’, no answer,
She cried ‘sister’, no answer,
She cried ‘god’…
And far away she saw light;
She tried to follow but drowned.
She then came up with a force unknown;
And before she knew, she was gliding above;
Gliding as she had never done before.

She walked gently through the doors struck by a glow
And as she looked down she saw-
Bodies floating and people crying.
Amidst all the cacophony she noticed the local church,
It stood still as ever before.
Struck by reality she searched for her family but to no avail.
She looked at god earnestly but he chose to merely smile.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice and spurned around
And saw her baby sister tugging at her mother’s hand.
She couldn’t help but smile as she realized- ‘no one is immortal’
The night approached and she slept again
With the Santa still by her side.
Just then a baby cried: born to a mother who had lost all
And this time she never slept at all………


You came into my life as a silent breeze,
caressing my body and soul,
I stood dumbstruck as you turned my world upside down,
and then u left, as suddenly as you came
but after creating a furore.

I’m still waiting for you right there where you left me,
hoping against hope that you will return one day.
I’ve heard them say – don’t fall in love, always rise.
but according to me- never fall in love, u may not come out alive……………..

They say you will never return and
that things will never be the same;
that you will never caress me the way you used to,
that you never feel for me the way you used to,
and that we will never be ‘us’ again.

I’ve often heard them say – Never fall in love, Always rise.
but according to me- Never fall in love, You may not come out alive……………..
I’ve also heard them say- Hope never dies
So for me – I’m still hoping that you will come back
and that I will continue hoping
till….. my very last breath.


Relationships as I understand are extremely precarious
What seems right is always wrong
What seems wrong is what you want
What seems yours is unimportant
What’s not yours is so desirable

Why is every wish of his not related to her
Why is everything that she does seem like a routine to him
Why does he ask for space when all she wants is to willingly strangulate herself
Why does he make boundaries so far away from her
And she draws her limits within him….

Love Is……

Love isn’t about expecting your loved one to make you feel special,
its simply about making your special one feel loved;
it isn’t about brooding over those relentless arguments,
its actually about treasuring those rare moments spent together;
it isn’t about waiting for the other one to speak,
its about saying it when the other one doesn’t expect you to;
so tell your loved ones how much you love them and how special they are for you,
because you never know when it gets too late
and you don’t get a chance to express what u feel;
let them know that they mean the world to you and that you wouldn’t be you without them;

so, stay with me as i tell my beloved,

Darling I LOVE YOU.